SPDX & Wind River


The Software Package Data Exchange® (SPDX®) specification defines the Linux Foundation’s standard format for recording and exchanging licensing information of a software package. Wind River obtains significant benefit from the availability of SPDX data. We use the data in our software compliance review process and deliver SPDX files for selected products. Wind River’s benefit grows in direction proportion to the increase in the adoption of SPDX. This website has been created to facilitate adoption by sharing SPDX data and our experiences, and to demonstrate how others could obtain similar benefits.

Wind River supports the SPDX project in various ways:

  • We actively contribute to the SPDX technical, legal and business working groups.
  • Wind River Linux 5 ships with over 800 SPDX files, one for each user space package in the distribution.
  • Utilize SPDX data in  Software IP Compliance Review process (for both open source and commercial software)
  • Provide a free cloud service where anyone can create SPDX files.